Restorative Dentistry

Rescuing Smiles in Frisco, TX

At Hunt Family Dentistry, we’re smile saviors. When you come to us with damaged or lost teeth, we provide restorative dental care that gives you a smile as beautiful as it is healthy. Whether you’re dealing with the aftereffects of an unfortunate accident or fighting a battle against decay, our restorative services are your beacon of hope. We believe every smile has a unique story, and it’s our mission to ensure yours ends with a confident grin.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is about rescuing your smile from damage, decay, and tooth loss. Restorations are for dental health problems that have progressed past more conservative treatments like dental fillings or tooth bonding. Examples include far-reaching tooth fractures, deep cavities, and trauma-related dental injuries. At our Frisco dentist office, we offer several treatments, all of which repair damage, restore function, and recapture the charm of your smile. 

Getting restoration dentistry is crucial for more than just your oral health. While we want to make sure to restore your ability to chew, talk, and go about daily activities, we also want to safeguard your whole system’s health. Giving you a pearly white grin is great, but so is protecting you from infection, periodontal disease, bone loss, and chronic illnesses. There are so many pros to getting tooth restorations, don’t wait to explore our treatment options. 

Our Dental

Tech-Assisted Restoration Dentistry

You and your teeth have already been through a lot, so it’s understandable to be a little nervous about undergoing dental care. We ease your anxiety with our groundbreaking needle-free injection system, Comfort-in™. Say goodbye to the fear and discomfort associated with traditional needles. Local anesthetic is administered through pressure instead of a needle. With these needleless injections, you can experience quick and easy numbing.

Planning your care has also never been easier. Hunt Family Dentistry utilizes the iTero™ intraoral scanner for taking quick, easy, and non-intrusive scans of your mouth. The results are highly-detailed 3D images of your teeth and gums. With this advanced look at your mouth and its structures, we can get a more accurate diagnosis of your issues and form a more precise plan of attack. Useful for placing crowns and bridges and creating dentures, the iTero scanner also allows you to follow along with our treatment. You get to see what we’re seeing, so you’re never left in the dark on your restoration journey. 

Restorations Bring Relief, Not Stress

We understand that getting tooth restorations requires dipping into your budget, especially if you don’t have dental insurance or are worried about money. Dr. Hunt’s goal is to get you a reprieve from dental stress, not add more. That’s why one of our core values is transparency. We always discuss treatment in the context of what is possible for you. No surprises, just honest, clear communication. Our staff is here to help maximize your insurance benefits, manage paperwork, and make quality care accessible. We know you’re worried about cost, so don’t worry about asking about it. Explore your financing and insurance options today, and ask about our membership plan, which offers 20% off of dental services. 

Reach Out for a Restorative Rescue

At our Miramonte dentist office, our restorative dentist turns dental despair into dazzling smiles. We won’t settle for anything less and neither should you. Contact Hunt Family Dentistry today to get a consultation for tooth damage or loss. We’re available by phone at (469) 269-0997 or through our online appointment booking. We make it easy to take the first step toward renewed oral health.