About Us

Seek Care, Find Comfort at Our Frisco Dentist

At Hunt Family Dentistry, we’re not just about teeth—we’re about people too. Providing top-notch dental care is obviously our priority, but we make sure it feels good to get that care at our practice. Our Frisco dentist office is sun-soaked and spacious, and our treatment rooms feature an open concept that makes even our nervous or claustrophobic patients feel comfortable. Our space was made with everyone in mind, resulting in an accessible and stress-relieving environment. And it’s not just vibes! We back up that impression with plush amenities and advanced tech. 

Our Amenities Embellish Your Dental Experience

We enhance your visit from the very start with a coffee bar and complimentary water when you enter. Our bilingual staff can assist you and your family in English or Español, answering any questions and guiding you through intake paperwork. As a paperless office, we don’t overwhelm you with forms and instead use a streamlined process that’s better for you and the environment. Then, you can relax in our comfortable and modern waiting area.

Once we take you back for treatment, you’ll find rooms complete with TVs, headphones, blankets, and neck pillows. This isn’t your average dental office, after all. In fact, we make sure you have an above-average experience. We combine these amenities with candid discussions of your treatment options, thorough yet comfortable dental procedures, and clear aftercare instructions and advice.



Coffee Bar
& Beverages


Blankets &
Neck Pillows



Injection Free

Our Technology Enriches
Your Dental Care

Treatment itself is beyond the norm at Hunt Family Dentistry thanks to our commitment to using the latest technology. Get local anesthetic for dental procedures without worrying about needles with our Comfort-in™ injection system. Using a high velocity jet of air, these injectors push medication through the pores in your skin, so there’s no poking and prodding. This makes preparing for and undergoing treatment easier than ever.

Treatment planning is also a cinch thanks to our advanced scanning equipment. With the iTero™ intraoral scanner, we can get 3D images of your mouth, which is especially useful in planning and implementing Invisalign® and restorative dentistry procedures. Our panoramic orthodontic camera also captures precise pictures that we can use for both Invisalign and traditional braces. Plus, Dr. Hunt and the team can show you the images we get, allowing us to explain your condition, treatment, and projected results.