Dental Fillings

Mend Your Smile with Frisco Tooth Fillings

With the expert touch of our team and the warm, caring environment we foster at Hunt Family Dentistry, we’ll guide you through the simple process of getting a dental filling. These tooth repairs are not just about treating cavities; they’re a step toward restoring the health and harmony of your smile.

Whether it’s your first time at our Frisco dentist office or you’re a seasoned member of our family, our goal is to provide you with enough information and comfort to make your experience as smooth and painless as possible. Sit back and relax—you’re in good hands. Let’s bring that brilliant smile back to its full gleam together!

What Are Tooth Fillings?

Tooth fillings are a dental restorative treatment that we use to repair cavities, cracks, or fractures in your teeth. The process involves removing the decayed or damaged part of the tooth, cleaning the affected area, and then filling it with a tooth-colored, composite resin. This restores the tooth to its original shape and prevents further decay by sealing off any cracks or spaces where bacteria can enter.

Cavity Fillings Restore
and Revitalize

A compromised tooth doesn’t just affect your smile—it can impact your daily life. Our dental fillings are designed to restore the integrity and functionality of teeth that have been damaged by decay or injury. With a focus on preserving your overall dental health, our fillings repair the structure of your teeth, so you can continue enjoying the foods you love without discomfort.

Plus, investing in a filling is investing in the future of your dental health. Our dentist in Frisco, Texas, uses fillings made from high-quality materials that provide long-term durability and reliability. You can trust in the resilience of our fillings, knowing that they will enhance the lifespan of your natural teeth for years to come.

Our Dental

Dental Fillings Protect and Preserve

Having a filling also plays a crucial role in preventing further decay. By sealing off spaces where bacteria might enter, we safeguard your teeth against additional damage. This proactive approach helps maintain the strength of your teeth. It also protects your long-term oral health, as your mouth is a gateway to other parts of your system. 


Fillings don’t just protect your tooth but preserve it. When you choose Hunt Family Dentistry for your dental fillings, we use procedures that aim to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Our cavity fillings typically require us to alter less of your tooth structure compared to other options like crowns. This keeps your tooth strong and preserves it for the long term.

Composite Fillings Amplify and Appeal

How your fillings look is just as important as how they perform. That’s why we offer composite fillings that are not only functional but also natural-looking. By using a composite material, we’re able to ensure that your filling blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. The result? Your fillings are virtually undetectable. The material amplifies rather than detracts from what you already have. You can smile confidently knowing that Dr. Hunt has an artist’s hands, able to reconstruct your smile so that it’s as good as new.

Revitalized, Protected, and Appealing Smiles in Frisco, TX

If you’re in need of a dental filling, contact us today to schedule an appointment online or by phone at (469) 269-0997. At Hunt Family Dentistry, we cherish the opportunity to care for your family’s dental needs and look forward to providing a pleasant, stress-free experience. Join our family today, where your dental health is our top priority, and your beautiful smile is our greatest reward.