Dental Deep Cleaning (SRP)

Deep Gum Cleaning in Frisco, TX

At Hunt Family Dentistry, we create success stories. You may feel like the underdog while fighting against gum disease, but a dental deep cleaning can be your turning point. With this treatment, you can turn the tide. Our Frisco periodontic dentist, Dr. Hunt, can treat your gingivitis symptoms as well as prevent you from experiencing them again. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with gum inflammation, call in our team and ensure an oral health happy ending.

Scaling and Root Planing (SRP)

One of the most effective treatments for gingivitis is the SRP procedure. This meticulous cleaning process reaches below the gumline into areas that regular home cleaning might miss. The scaling part involves getting rid of plaque, tartar, and bacteria that have made a home in the pockets of your gums and teeth. The root planing part then involves smoothing out those pockets, providing effective prevention against gum disease. This can typically be accomplished in just two appointments.

Our Dental

Tough on Plaque and Tartar…

Getting a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment does more than evict tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums. A deep cleaning makes sure these gum disease culprits aren’t welcome back. That gives this procedure a twofold purpose—aggressively tackling a problem while also preventing it permanently. We follow-up with continuing care, scheduling you for your biannual cleanings and checkups and equipping you with at-home tools and tips.

…But Gentle on You

If you’re suffering from gum inflammation or disease, you’re probably already dealing with pain. One of your biggest concerns going into gum therapy is likely the fear of more pain. Fortunately, Hunt Family Dentistry goes out of the way to make all procedures more comfortable for patients, including a dental deep cleaning. We can apply a local anesthetic, and thanks to our needleless injection system, Comfort-in™, we can minimize the discomfort of getting numb. If you’re extremely anxious or have a condition that makes it hard to sit still, we offer sedation dentistry. You can rest easy—literally—in our gentle hands.

Dental Deep
Cleaning Cost

We know finances are a concern for a lot of patients, but remember that this procedure can save you money over time. Plus, because SRP stops gum disease and prevents it from progressing, many insurance plans cover it. The staff in our Frisco dentist office can go over your plan and benefits to determine if you have coverage. Even if you don’t, we offer easy financing options, including our membership plan. Those who are part of our membership family receive discounts on dental services. Don’t pass up on the savings. Ask about the best way to pay for deep dental cleanings.

Win the Fight Against Gum Disease

Let us ensure you’re another success story of Hunt Family Dentistry. Book an appointment today by calling (469) 269-0997 or scheduling online. Our friendly and accommodating staff is excited to greet you with a smile and get to work on yours. We provide the outstanding care that you and your family truly deserve. You’ll feel refreshed and victorious after your deep dental cleaning at our dentist office.