Bone Grafting

Grow Back Bone Density in Frisco, TX

Gum disease can affect more than your gums. Not only does advanced periodontal disease put your teeth in jeopardy, but it can also weaken the bones in your jaw. While our Frisco periodontic dentist would love to stop gum disease before it reaches that point, our office is prepared to deal with the later stages of periodontitis. 

Take heart—if you come to Hunt Family Dentistry with gum disease that’s damaged bone, we can perform an expert bone grafting procedure. This restores your bone, encourages new growth, and sets you on the path to overall oral health.

What Is Bone Grafting for Teeth and Gum Care?

Bone grafting enhances the foundation of your teeth and gums. Dr. Hunt transplants bone tissue to an area where you’ve lost bone density. By doing that, we can stimulate bone growth. That means that the grafting itself doesn’t just add bone but it also encourages the growth of more. 


Grafting is particularly beneficial for patients who have suffered bone loss in their jaw due to periodontal disease. However, we can also use it for loss of bone density from injuries or lost teeth. This process not only improves the structural integrity of your jaw but also fosters a healthier environment for your gums and remaining teeth, contributing to overall oral well-being.

Our Dental

Bone Grafting Benefits

We know that as a patient, you might have reservations about bone grafting. However, this powerful procedure has helped countless patients regain their oral health and confidence. Advantages include:

  • Damage Repair: By filling the areas where bone loss has occurred, we can help reverse the effects of periodontal disease.
  • Bone Loss Prevention: Losing bone density can change how you look, so grafting can help maintain the integrity of your facial structure.
  • Improved Function: After a successful graft, you’ll experience improvement in everyday activities like eating and speaking.
  • Restoration Foundation: Bone grafts are often necessary to prepare for more extensive dental work. We make sure you’re ready.

Comfort Before, During, and After

The phrase “bone grafting” is scary, we know. But this is a common procedure and one Dr. Hunt is especially equipped to perform. Utilizing years of experience and by following the strictest safety protocols, Dr. Hunt and our team minimize the risk of complications to keep you safe. We will provide you with comprehensive aftercare guidelines to support your quick recovery, making the process as smooth as possible.

Knowing this is one thing, so we also take extra steps to help you feel relaxed. Our office is not a daunting or sparse environment. Instead, it’s warm, clean, bright, and breezy, helping you feel calm the minute you walk through the doors. Once we take you back for treatment, we can relax you even more with sedation options like nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. We take a gentle, patient-centric approach to surgery, ensuring you feel informed, comfortable, and relaxed throughout your treatment. 

Bounce Back from Gum Disease with Grafting

Visit our dentist office in Frisco, TX, for the most comprehensive periodontal treatment, up to and including bone grafts. It’s not too late to start fighting gum disease, so don’t give up. Instead, give Hunt Family Dentistry a call at (469) 269-0997 or book online.