4 Ways Needle-Free Injections Make Frisco Dentist Visits Easier

4 Ways Needle-Free Injections Make Frisco Dentist Visits Easier

No one jumps for joy at the thought of a dental procedure. For many, it’s the anticipation of local anesthesia—a needle jab in the mouth—that’s the real nightmare. The good news is that Dr. Dominique Hunt has found a solution for patients at Hunt Family Dentistry: the Comfort-in™ injection system. This injector replaces traditional needles with a high-velocity jet that delivers anesthetic through the skin. This innovation is making its way into dental practices across the globe. Below, we explore the top four reasons why the introduction of Comfort-in will change your care at our Frisco dentist practice for the better. 

#1 Reduced Anxiety and Fear of Needles

Trypanophobia, the fear of needles, affects 2 in 3 children and 1 in 10 adults according to some research at the Cleveland Clinic. This fear can be a significant barrier to dental care, causing patients to delay or even avoid treatment for issues like cracked teeth or gum disease. The Comfort-in system removes the source of fear by doing away with needles altogether. You’ll feel minimal sensation or discomfort when getting a needle-free injection. This is a win for everyone involved. If you’re more relaxed during your procedure, it will be less stressful for you and less challenging for Dr. Hunt and our staff. 

#2 Improved Comfort During and After Treatment

A big part of being afraid of needles is being afraid of the pain caused by needles. A needleless injection uses a high-velocity jet instead, which guides the anesthetic through your skin’s pores. This method is less invasive, as your skin is never pierced or broken. It’s a little pinch at most, and a pinch is a cinch compared to the stabbing feeling of a needle. When you come to us with dental pain, we don’t add extra pain on top of it when we give you a local anesthetic. There’s little discomfort during injection and then the numbing takes over while we do your procedure. 

Plus, since you or your child won’t associate Hunt Family Dentistry with needles and pain, there won’t be any fear of coming back for future treatments and preventative care. Making you and your family feel safe and cared for is a big part of creating a healthy, ongoing patient-provider relationship. Comfort-in helps us build trust with you. 

#3 Precise Medication Delivery 

The traditional needle method often leads to more tissue damage compared to Comfort-in. The pinpoint precision of a needle-free injector ensures that the medication is delivered to the targeted area only, without compromising any surrounding tissue. This level of accuracy is crucial, especially in oral surgeries and delicate dental procedures. It improves not only your experience but also our ability to provide exceptional care.

#4 Faster Recovery and Less Post-Treatment Pain

One of the indirect benefits of using the Comfort-in system is a faster overall recovery. With less trauma where you were injected, you’ll experience less post-treatment pain and a quicker return to normal. This is particularly helpful after long or complex dental procedures where we might need to administer anesthetic multiple times. The reduced tissue damage also means less chance of swelling, bruising, or other complications at the injection site.

Joy Instead of Jabs at Our Frisco, TX, Dentist

If you’re on the fence about an upcoming procedure because of a fear of needles, ask Hunt Family Dentistry about using Comfort-in. Don’t let your trypanophobia hold you back from receiving the dental care you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get more information on needle-free injections.